Tempe - New Horizon Therapy is a speech, language, and occupational therapy practice with a focus helping children to achieve their optimal potential.  Armida Carr, certified bilingual speech language pathologist, is the visionary behind New Horizon Therapy.  She believes in making the world a more expressive, articulate (and fun!) place to shine, one patient at a time.

On July 1 after one year in business Ms. Carr is expanding her occupational therapy services to include a new sensory gym for children.  This sensory gym includes a monkey bar and monkey ring set, zip line with crash pads, multiple swing hooks for calming and alerting vestibular input for your child's sensory needs. Two beautiful rock walls are matched at each end of the zip line for your child to motor plan and develop their own great obstacle course! They can climb the rock wall to get to the trapeze, and fly along the zip line and crash into the crash pad at the other end. This beautiful gym is padded with foam flooring for all the sensory adventures that await.  Bethany DeJarnatt, MOT, OTR/L is at the helm and eagerly looks forward to helping children of all ages achieve their optimal potential. 

Along with individualized treatments in the sensory gym, yoga techniques within occupational therapy treatment can have a large impact on the child's proprioceptive system and body awareness as weight bearing activities provide added input to joints and muscles, relaying the information to the child's brain. Heavy work tasks are frequently utilized during therapy treatments to assist the child with body awareness and self regulation. Activities such as jumping on a trampoline, swinging on a trapeze bar to crash into a crash pad or ballpit, moving along monkey bars, animal walks, pushing heavy barrels, catching weighted balls or self propelling on a scooter board are all frequently used activities. When asked about how yoga impacts overall wellness, Ms. DeJarnatt replied, "Yoga can provide a very important focus on emotional regulation and mindfulness techniques through techniques such as deep breathing, focusing on the changes in heart rate or breathing rate and how it relates to emotions. If we are angry, or have "hot" emotions, we generally have a higher breath rate and heart rate. Combining yoga with sensory integration techniques can amplify the benefits of heavy work and body awareness, having a greater impact on the child's ability to be more self aware of their body and when they are starting to feel upset. With yoga techniques, I also incorporate emotional regulation programs that have very effective visual strategies to provide a clear way for the child to describe their feelings and use calming techniques to calm down when upset." 
Recent pediatric research articles note yoga can have a very positive impact on a child's emotional growth and ability to self regulate themselves if they are distracted or upset. The article researching yoga benefits with children with ADHD reveal "beneficial effects of yoga exercise on the core symptoms of children with ADHD, such as sustained attention and discrimination ability" (Chou and Huang, 2017). Ms. DeJarnatt also shared that working as a pediatric occupational therapist, "this is a very positive modality to utilize with children with any delay, as it encourages independence and confidence."  New Horizon Therapy group yoga classes will also be starting soon! 
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